2018 Expedition

In 2018 we awarded an expedition grant to a team of 3 climbers visiting the Kishtwar Himalaya, Zanskar, India. Tom Livingstone, Will Sim and Uisdean Hawthorn headed out on 10th September for 1 month with the primary objective of the north face of Barnaj 2 (6370m) and alternative objectives of the west face of Hagshu (6515m) and North face of Chiring (6559m), all in Alpine style. Unseasonably heavy snowfall affected their trip. The expedition report is below.

Read the expedition report for 2018

2017 Expedition

In 2017 we awarded a £1000 expedition grant to a team of young British climbers heading to the little visited Charpusan Valley of the Karakorum mountains in Pakistan. Tom Wheeler, Tim Seers, James Lawson, Ben Coope, and Will Smith headed out at the end of May for 6 weeks to the Yashkuk Yaz glacier to attempt the unclimbed peak of Yashkuk Sar II (6244m). They also intend to attempt new lines on previously climbed summits including Nadin Sar, Mamu Sar and Caboom Sar.

UPDATE May 17: Unfortunately, due to injury Tom Wheeler and Ben Coope had to pull out of the trip. The remaining 3 team members continued with the expedition. The team were refused permits to the Yashkuk glacier on security grounds, so changed their objective to the equally exciting Khurdopin Sar (6310m) in the Shimshal area. You see posts from the expedition on their Facebook page www.fb.me/khurdopinsarexpedition.

Read the full expedition report for 2017

2016 Expedition

In 2016 we awarded a £1000 expedition grant to a team of 4 climbers, John Proctor, Robert Taylor, Ciaran Mullan and Phil Dawson, who travelled to the Jiptik Valley in the Pamir Altai mountains of south west Kyrgyzstan. This is a little visited valley with enormous potential for new routes and first ascents of all standards. Their primary objective was the north face of Muz Tok (5066m) and another unnamed and unclimbed peak of just over 5000m nearby. You can read the trip report below.

Jiptik Valley Expedition Report

2015 Expedition

In 2015 the Chris Walker Memorial Trust has awarded an expedition grant of £1000 to a team of British climbers heading to the Sam Ford Fjord on the east coast of Baffin Island, Canada. They have a number of big wall climbing objectives including a new route on the north face of the Polar Sun Spire. It is a strong team consisting of Jacob Cook, Calum Muskett, Dave Macleod, Ian Cooper and Dave Rudkin. The proposed dates of their trip are 15th July – 15th August 2015, and they will only be the 3rd recorded big wall climbing expeditions to visit the area in summer. This means they will approach the region by boat and can climb in a fast, mainly free, Alpine style in the relatively warmer temperatures of summer.

Unfortunately due to logistical issues the Sam Ford Fjord expedition had to be cancelled for 2015. The Chris Walker Memorial Trust decided that due to this we would not be awarding an expedition grant in 2015 and instead focus our funding on avalanche awareness courses.

2014 Expedition

In 2014 the Chris Walker Memorial Trust have awarded an expedition grant of £1000 to a team of 4 climbers heading to the Muzkhol Range of the Eastern Pamirs in Tajikistan to attempt an unnamed and unclimbed 6000m peak. The team of Simon Verspeak,  Rhys Huws, John Vincent and Rebecca Coles plan to be out in Tajikistan from the 30th July – 25th August 2014. You can follow the progress of the trip on their blog.

Unclimbed Tajikistan Expedition

British attempt on unnamed and unclimbed 6000m peak, Muzkol Valley, Pamirs, Tajikistan. 27th July – 21st August 2014 Report by Simon Verspeak and Rebecca Coles

This expedition has now been completed, for full details use the following link:

Unclimbed Tajikistan Expedition Report

2013 Expeditions

In 2013 the Chris Walker Memorial Trust awarded a £1000 grant to a climbing expedition in an area of south west Kyrgyzstan. The area has beautiful Alpine style valleys with big granite walls that only have a few established lines. Check out this video of a recent trip to Chile – it captures some of the Chris Walker spirit..! and now their video of the 2013 Kyrgyzstan trip.

Kyrgyzstan Big Walls – Callum & Neil

Callum Coldwell Storry and Neil Chelton are heading out to Kyrgystan from 8th June – 6th August to climb in the Aksu and Karasuu valleys. The Trustees wish the team the best of luck on their adventure…

This expedition has now been completed, for full details use the following link:

Kyrgyzstan Big Walls Expedition Report

2012 Expeditions

In 2012 the Chris Walker Memorial Trust awarded grants to 2 expeditions in the Hongu valley of Nepal. The Hongu valley is an area that Chris has visited himself when guiding Baruntse with Adventure Peaks and guiding a KE Adventure Travel group to Mera Peak and over the Amphu Laptsa pass. I’m sure that he will have spent time looking at both these peaks, as both are very striking.

Peak 41 – Jack & Rob

November 2012, Peak 41, Hongu valley, Nepal – Jack Geldard and Rob Greenwood are attempting a new route up the unclimbed north face of this mountain.

This expedition has now been completed, for full details use the following link:

Peak 41 Expedition Report

Chamlang Peak – Andy & Nick

October/November 2012 Chamlang peak 7319m, Hongu valley, Nepal – Andy Houseman and Nick Bullock are attempting an unclimbed line of the north spur of this peak.

This expedition has now been completed, for full details use the following link:

Chamlang Expedition Report