“The weather was pretty bad (strong winds) so we spent a good chunk of the day in the classroom discussing the environment around us, hazards, the be avalanche aware model, how to apply it ourselves and how we can educate others during our work.

For me it was a really good refresher and learning experience for keeping up to date with current thinking in a relaxed environment allowing for plenty of questions and discussion.”

Photo was taken just above Ciste carpark.


“It was the sort of Cairngorms winter day for hunkering down and watching the wild weather from the comfort of a classroom. So, this coincided nicely with attending an avalanche awareness CPD day run by Keith from the Scottish Avalanche Information Service and funded by the Chris Walker Memorial Trust.

Chris was a mountaineering instructor tragically killed in an avalanche almost 10 years ago and so these excellent training events provide a lasting legacy to a bright light of the instructing world extinguished far too early.

The day was filled with great learning and discussion (the course had 8 Association of Mountaineering Instructors Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructors attending which is a sure fire recipe for interesting conversation!) and lots of practical tasks. A fun, informative and educational day. Thanks also to Glenmore Lodge for hosting.”

Paul, Peak Mountaineering

“An interesting day of learning on the Chris Walker Memorial Trust avalanche awareness course, run by Paul from the Scottish Avalanche Information Service.

Most of the day was spent inside hiding from the weather discussing how to keep ourselves and our groups safe in the winter mountains, and how to educate our clients on making safe decisions for themselves.

We got up into the edge of Coire na Ciste in the afternoon to look at the snow and see how the SAIS forecasters gather their information. A fantastic day of CPD!”

Iain Powell, Climbing and Mountaineering

“Thank you Alan Kimber and Chris Walker Memorial Trust for organising another excellent CPD day with Scottish Avalanche Information Service

Pretty storm bound day around Cairngorm mountain itself…but a lot of great input and learning from SAIS Forecasters.”



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